Email Verify API

This API lets you verify if an email domain (i.e is a disposable email domain,
it gathers MX records and A records, so you can further use these details for additional checks. It shows you also if the email domain is a known domain commonly related to free email providers and Internet providers
(i.e or, moreover it shows you also if the email domain TLD is a risky/most abused TLD (such as .cf, .gq, .gdn, .top, .xyz, .win). You can use these details to block an user registration and to
know more info about an email domain. You do NOT have to submit the full email,
but just the email domain, i.e or

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Example JSON API Output

A Safe Way to Verify Emails

With this API you can block users that try to register on your website or application
using disposable email addresses (temporary email addresses), or suspicious emails (risky TLD),
or emails of inactive domains. You don't have to send us the full email, but just the
email domain (i.e and I'm sure your subscribers will like this!

Disposable Email

Detect Disposable Emails

A simple API to detect disposable email addresses! With this API you can check a domain (i.e against a frequently updated list of disposable email domains (i.e We use list-based and smart methods to detect disposable email domains.

Domain MX Records

Get DNS MX Records

When you submit an email domain to our API, we get also the DNS MX records and DNS A records of the submitted domain. So you have more useful details about the domain and you can better decide if the email is valid or not.

Extract Email Domain

Submit Only the Domain

You don't have to submit the full email address like but just the email domain such as "". This way we don't know the full email address and your subscribers may feel better knowing their email is not shared. You can extract the domain from the full email and submit the domain to our API.

Verify Email Domain

Decide What to Do

With all the information we provide about the submitted email domain, you can better decide if the email should be blocked, i.e because it is detected as disposable, or because it has no MX records configured, or because it matched a list of risky TLD.

API Web Interface

API Web Interface

On your Dashboard we have included a simple web interface for Email Verify API that you can use to quickly verify a email domain (i.e by entering the domain in a web form.

Simple Pricing

To consume this API service you can use your global credits. So each time you make
an API request, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Credits are valid for 1 year and they will be reset after that period if you do not
buy other credits within the 1 year period. Below you can find how many credits are decreased
for each API request with Email Verify API:

0.06 Credits /Query

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