Credits Pricing

Here is the pricing table to buy more API credits that will be added to your
available credits. Credits are valid for 1 year from when they are purchased and when you buy new credits,
the expiration is set to +1 year. So to avoid losing your credits you should
purchase credits at least 1 time every year.

CreditsQueriesVolume DiscountFinal Price
1,000Estimate Queries-12 USD
2,500Estimate Queries17%25 USD
5,000Estimate Queries25%45 USD
10,000Estimate Queries33%80 USD
25,000Estimate Queries40%180 USD
50,000Estimate Queries50%300 USD
100,000Estimate Queries58%500 USD
250,000Estimate Queries67%1000 USD
500,000Estimate Queries72%1700 USD
1,000,000Estimate Queries75%3000 USD

When you register you'll get 25 free API credits for 30 days.
Pricings are excluding VAT (if applicable).

Estimate API Queries

The estimated queries assume you will use all the credits on a single API service.

API ServiceCredit /QueryPrice /QueryEst. Queries
IP Reputation0.08--
Domain Reputation0.08--
Email Verify0.06--
DNS Lookup0.06--
Domain Age0.50--
Parked Domain0.50--
SSL Info0.07--

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