Threat Analysis APIs

APIVoid provides JSON APIs useful for cyber threat analysis, threat detection and threat prevention,
reducing and automating the manual work of security analysts. With our APIs you can identify malicious IP
addresses, get reputation of a website, get SSL certificate details, perform DNS records lookups
and much more! Each API service has also a simple web interface that allows you to
utilize the APIs from your web browser.

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Cyber Security API Services

Integrate Our APIs Anywhere

Our APIs are useful for threat analysis, threat intelligence and threat prevention.
All the API services can be easily integrated in any platform, website or application via a simple HTTPS
GET query. The API services return data in a clean JSON format, they are fast and provide
all needed information. Here are some APIs available in your dashboard:

IP Reputation Check

Check the reputation of an IPv4 address using multiple IP blacklist services.

IP Reputation API

Domain Reputation Check

Check the reputation of a domain name using multiple domain blacklist services.

Domain Reputation API

URL Reputation Check

Get the reputation and risk score of an URL using unique URL security checks.

URL Reputation API

Get DNS Records

Easily get all common DNS records (A, AAAA, NS, MX, TXT) from a domain name.

DNS Lookup API

Check Domain Age

Find the domain name registration date and the domain age in days.

Domain Age API

Get SSL Information

Get useful domain SSL certificate information, such as issuer, owner, expiration.


Why Use Our API Services?

We offer smart API services useful for cyber security companies, CERTs, government
and educational organizations, security researchers, IT consultants and webmasters. You can use all our
APIs with a single account, manage multiple API keys, use the API web interfaces,
and much more. Read below some awesome features:

Multiple API services

Multiple API Services

You can utilize all our available API services within a single user account. Among our API services you can find IP Reputation API, Domain Reputation API, DNS Lookup API, ThreatLog API, Email Verify API and SSL Info API. More APIs will be available soon!

API web interfaces

API Web Interfaces

On your Dashboard we have included a simple web interface for each API that you can use to quickly view the API output in a user-friendly interface and without the need to type a captcha.

Global API Ccredits

Global API Credits

Credits are global and can be used within just one or all API services. Each API service will decrease N credits for each API request. With one payment you can buy credits to use all our APIs.

Login IP whitelist

IP Whitelisting

From your Dashboard you can lock your account and your API key to a single IPv4 address or an IPv4 range (in CIDR format, i.e so that only the specified IP addresses are allowed to login to your account or to use your API key.

View Some Numbers

This project started in February 2019 and below we would like to show you an overview
of how the service is progressing, which include the number of available APIs and the number of
registered users. We are very grateful to those who are already trusting us!
The statistics below are updated every minute:


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