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IP Reputation API

Check the safety reputation of an IPv4 address using multiple IP address blacklist services.

Domain Reputation API

Check the reputation of a domain (e.g using multiple domain blacklist services.

URL Reputation API

Check the safety reputation and risk score of an URL using unique URL security checks.

Site Trustworthiness API

Obtain a "trust score" of any website, useful to spot potentially fraudulent and insecure web shops.

Domain Age API

Get the domain name registration date and how many days ago the domain name was created.

Email Verify API

Check the safety reputation of an email address, detect temporary emails and suspicious emails.

Screenshot API

Capture a web page screenshot of any URL or custom HTML code, useful to convert an URL to PNG.


Convert any URL or custom HTML code into a printable and high quality PDF document.

HTTP Tracker API

Capture and track all HTTP/HTTPS requests made by an URL, and track also all contacted hosts.

Parked Domain API

Simply check if a domain name is actually parked, for example at Sedoparking or Parkingcrew.

Process Behavior API

Detect suspicious Microsoft Windows OS process activity by analyzing submitted process behavior.

URL Status API

Check if an URL is online, offline/not accessible or taken down due to malicious content.

ThreatLog API

Check if a domain is present in database of 260K+ malicious domains.

DNS Propagation API

Check if a DNS record (such as A, NS, TXT, MX) has been correctly propagated around the world.

DNS Lookup API

Get common DNS records (such as A, AAAA, NS, MX, TXT, SRV, CAA) of a domain name.


Get the body of a remote HTML page, such as an URL or link, after JavaScript has been executed.


Get detailed domain SSL certificate information such as certificate owner, issuer, expiration date, etc.

Domain Info API

Get whois-like domain information such as registrar, abuse email, owner organization, owner country, etc.

Reverse IP API

Find a list of domains and subdomains that share the same IP address(es) (DNS A record).

SPF Validator API

Check if the SPF record is valid and if an IP is authorized to send emails on behalf of the domain.