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Reverse IP API

With this reverse IP lookup API you can find domains that share the same IP address
(DNS A record), find domains hosted on the same server IP address. We have a database of 100M+ domains that come from our web services like and many others. All these domains are user-submitted, we also capture domains via our internal honeypots and sandboxes that are found to be related to phishing, spam and malware.

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Example JSON API Output

Find Domains on Same IP Address

This API was created to help companies identify websites hosted in a specific IP address.
The list of domains that share the same IP address is useful for: threat intelligence and incident response
to discover other possible malicious domains hosted in an IP; threat hunting to search
known bad IP addresses for phishing or malicious domains; discovery of bad neighbors hosted
on the same IP address where is hosted your website.

Domains List

100M+ Domains List

Our database contains 100M+ domains captured from our web services like, these domains are user-submitted and thus were (or still are) online and active, we capture also domains via our internal honeypots that are related to phishing, comment spam and malware.

No Domains Found

No Domains Found?

In case our API does not find any domain hosted in the IP address you submitted, it shows an error and your credits are not decreased. This way you pay only in case we find at least one domain in the IP you submitted.

Database Update

Database Update

At the moment we do not automatically update the domain's IP addresses, instead we update a domain's IP address only if the domain IP has been updated on our web services, this means that an user manually requested the update of the domain report on our web service.

Reverse IP Results JSON

Limited Results

The maximum number of domains that you can get via an API query is set to 250, it supports pagination up to the next 4 pages. The list of domains is ordered by the last time a domain was resolved/updated.

Simple Pricing

To consume this API service you can use your global credits. So each time you make
one API query, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Purchased credits need to be consumed within 1 year. Below you can find how many
credits are decreased for each API query with Reverse IP API:

10.00 Credits /Query

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