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ThreatLog API

This API allows you to query the database of malicious websites of,
which counts more than 240K domains to date (02 January 2019). maintains a database of websites (domains and subdomains) that are known to distribute malware or that have
been identified as potentially fraudulent or scam (such as fake online shops
or e-commerce sites selling counterfeit products).

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Example JSON API Output

An Additional Site Blacklist Service

ThreatLog is an additional website blacklist service that you can easily integrate
in your threat analysis platform as new blacklist engine, as already done by other IT companies.
ThreatLog database is maintained by NoVirusThanks.

Malicious Domains

240K+ Malicious Domains

ThreatLog has a database of 240K+ malicious and scam domains (as of 02 January 2019) and is constantly growing. ThreatLog is known to also detect scam shops and fake online shopping sites, i.e simp-meno[.]com, malviphot[.]club, bonlinesale[.]com - Jan 2019.

Fraudulent Website


ThreatLog contains a list of malicious websites involved in malware, phishing and fraudulent activities. We do our best to avoid false positive detections and we handle removal of malware-related websites that have been cleaned.

Simple Pricing

To consume this API service you can use your global credits. So each time you make
one API query, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Purchased credits need to be consumed within 1 year. Below you can find how many
credits are decreased for each API query with ThreatLog API:

0.05 Credits /Query

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