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Domain Reputation API

Quickly check if a domain is blacklisted by popular and trusted domain blacklist services
such as URLVir, ThreatLog, OpenPhish, Spam404, PhishTank, Bambenek and more. We use multiple domain blacklist services to better identify potentially malicious and fraudulent websites
involved in malware distribution, phishing incidents and fake online shops. An example use case of this API is to check if your client's websites are blacklisted, or check URLs submitted by users on your application, or simply identify potentially malicious and unsafe websites.

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Example JSON API Output

Check if a Domain is Blacklisted

This API is the perfect solution to check if a website is blacklisted.
If you need to know if a website is involved in malware distribution or other fraudulent activities
or if you want to know if a website is blacklisted, then you're in the right place.

List of Domain Blacklists

Multiple Blacklists

We use multiple blacklists to help you identify malicious websites. You can use this API to know if a website or an online shopping site is safe or potentially malicious. We use public and proprietary blacklists, you can view the detection rate and the engines used.

Fraudulent Website

Spot Malicious Sites

With this Domain Reputation API you can better identify websites that are involved in malicious activities and that may be unsafe for users. This API can help you detect fraudulent and malware websites and thus know if a website should be blocked or not.

Sinkholed Domains

Sinkholed Domains

We have integrated 3 experimental scanning engines created by us that can detect domains that have been sinkholed, phishing-like domains and scam-like domains. They have a low confidence but can be useful to identify unsafe domains not detected by other blacklists.

Domain TLDs

Most Abused TLDs

We included a check to detect if the domain TLD is listed within the most abused TLDs (.cf, .ga, .gdn, etc), plus you can view if the domain is listed in Alexa top 10K/100K/250K websites (useful to handle false positives in case a domain has a low detection rate).

Domain Category

Domain Category

Scammers may use URL shortening services to hide (shorten) malicious URLs. We can detect URL shorteners (i.e, free dynamic DNS domains (i.e, anonymizers (web proxies) and free hosting domains (i.e

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