IP Reputation API

With this IP Reputation API you can detect potentially malicious IP addresses commonly used
for spam, to attack websites or to commit fraudulent activities. Payment providers and merchants can use this API to prevent fraudulent transactions and reduce losses. For example, e-commerce owners can
integrate this API within the registration form or on checkout page to identify
malicious IP addresses and block the user.

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Example JSON API Output

Check Reputation of IP Addresses

This API is the perfect solution to check the safety reputation of an IPv4 address.
If you need to know if an IP address is involved in spam, malware and other fraudulent activities
or if it is used as a proxy, then this API can come in handy.

List of IP Blacklists

Multiple IP Blacklists

We use multiple IP blacklists and DNSBL services to help you identify malicious IP addresses. This is good to get the reputation of an IP address and thus know if an IP address should be blocked or not. We use public and proprietary IP blacklists, you can view the detection rate and the engines used.

Detect Proxy IP Addresses

Detect Proxy IPs

With this IP Reputation API you can check if an IP address is known to be a public proxy (is_proxy), a web proxy (is_webproxy), a VPN anonymizer (is_vpn), a Tor node (is_tor) or a hosting/datacenter provider (is_hosting). These additional information should help you decide if the user's IP address should be blocked.

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

Prevent Fraud

Payment providers and merchants can benefit from this API to prevent fraudulent transactions. You can integrate this API in the checkout page so before accepting the payment from the user, you can check his IP address and if the IP reputation is not good, you can deny the transaction.

API Web Interface

API Web Interface

On your Dashboard we have included a simple web interface for IP Reputation API that you can use to quickly get the reputation of an IP address by entering the IP in a web form.

Simple Pricing

To consume this API service you can use your global credits. So each time you make
an API request, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Credits are valid for 1 year and they will be reset after that period if you do not
buy other credits within the 1 year period. Below you can find how many credits are decreased
for each API request with IP Reputation API:

0.08 Credits /Query

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