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DNS Lookup API

This is a collection of APIs that allows you to view common DNS records (such as A,
AAAA, NS, MX, TXT) of a domain name. With this API you can easily find out what are the DNS records of a domain name (i.e and integrate the output anywhere, in your application, website, etc. You can check if a domain name has correctly configured the Mail Exchanger (MX) records, the NameServers (NS) records, or the A records. These DNS information are particularly useful when dealing with threat analysis and network issues.

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DNS Lookup Tools

Easily Lookup DNS Records

Analyze the DNS records to identify who is hosting a particular domain name
or website, find out the SPF record of a domain name by looking up the TXT records, determine the
IP address of a domain name (A record) or of a mail server (MX record). You can perform DNS
queries via a simple HTTP request and get results in JSON format.

DNS Records

View DNS Records

View common Domain Name System (DNS) records, which include A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, NS, MX, PTR, CAA, DMARK, SOA, SRV, TXT records. Useful to check if a domain name has correctly configured a specific DNS record or to troubleshoot DNS-related issues.

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one API query, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Purchased credits need to be consumed within 1 year. Below you can find how many
credits are decreased for each API query with DNS Lookup API:

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