Parked Domain API

With this API you can check if a domain is actually parked and/or for sale. A parked
domain is like an "under construction" domain that is "parked" and is doing nothing. However, some parked domains may show suspicious advertisements or may redirect users to third-party websites that may be unsafe. This API can help you better identify parked domains, it uses many techniques to detect a
parked domain that have proven to be effective at doing their job.

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Example JSON API Output

Detect Parked Domains

There is nothing wrong with parked domains, however sometimes they may pose
a risk because they may display malicious advertisements that may lead to malware websites,
or they may redirect users to adult or unsafe websites. This JSON API can be
used in threat prevention to accurately detect parked domains or you may want to scan a list
of domains to find out which one is now a parked domain.

Sedo Parking

Not Just Sedo

Our API can detect many parked domains, not just the ones parked at Sedoparking, Parkingcrew or Parklogic. We may also classify a website as parked if it has no content.

Example Parked Domain

Fast Detection

The API can detect if a domain is actually parked within a few seconds, generally it can take from 1 second to up to 10 seconds for some domains, but the result will be more accurate.

API Web Interface

API Web Interface

On your Dashboard we have included a simple web interface for Parked Domain API that you can use to quickly detect parked domains by entering the domain name in a web form.

Simple Pricing

To consume this API service you can use your global credits. So each time you make
an API request, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Credits are valid for 1 year and they will be reset after that period if you do not
buy other credits within the 1 year period. Below you can find how many credits are decreased
for each API request with Parked Domain API:

0.50 Credits /Query

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