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DNS Propagation API

Did you update DNS records of your domain name but you don't know if they have
propagated globally around the world? With this DNS Propagation API you can easily check if DNS records of a domain have propagated around the world (such as in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Asia). You simply specify the domain name and the DNS type
to check, our API will check the propagation of selected DNS record from
multiple locations (global DNS propagation check).

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Example JSON API Output

Instant DNS propagation Check

An easy to use JSON API to check if DNS records of a domain name have propagated properly.
We check DNS records of the submitted domain from multiple locations so you can find out if
a domain name has correctly propagated its DNS records globally. You can perform DNS
propagation checks via a simple HTTP request and get results in JSON format.

DNS Propagation Geo-Locations

Multiple Geo-Locations

Quickly check if DNS records have propagated in multiple geo-locations, such as in United States, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, India, Spain, Ireland, China, Japan, and so on.

View DNS Response

View DNS Response

You can view the DNS response from all the global DNS servers queried during the DNS propagation lookup. Useful to find out if your DNS records have propagated properly.

Common DNS Records

Common DNS Records

Mostly all commonly used DNS records are currently supported by our DNS Propagation API, including DNS Records A, AAAA, NS, MX, TXT, SRV, PTR, SOA, CNAME, SPF, CAA.

Simple Pricing

To consume this API service you can use your global credits. So each time you make
one API query, our system will decrease N credits. With your credits you can use all our API services!
Purchased credits need to be consumed within 1 year. Below you can find how many
credits are decreased for each API query with DNS Propagation API:

2.50 Credits /Query

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